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Final Virtual Round Table Opportunities

NAPAHE is pleased to offer our final set of virtual round table sessions. Click HERE to learn more about topics 11-16 and to register.
NAPAHE's summer virtual round table programming is brought to you in part by NAPAHE's 2020 Annual Conference Sponsors. We appreciate thier support!

Free Webinar Hosted by AGB OnBoard- The Struggle with Paper Board Books & Document Management Systems: Bringing Digital Transformation to Higher Education Boardrooms

In conversation with Ken Knueven, Managing Director of AGB Consulting, learn how Board management software has revolutionized the way that boards conduct board meetings.

Higher Education institutions are the catalyst of the digital transformation we see in industries today. Higher Ed boardrooms are leading in the adoption of the digital technologies that allow them to govern effectively, from anywhere. This has not only drastically reduced the time that board professionals and other staff members spend creating, assembling, modifying, and presenting board books, but also has reduced the time board members spend on board books for days and weeks to mere hours.

This webinar is free and will be hosted by AGB OnBoard. Join them on Thursday, July 21st at 2pm ET / 11am PT to participate in an engaging conversation around the following topics:

  • The hard and soft cost realization that comes from switching to a board portal
  • The ease of switching from paper or another document management system to AGB OnBoard
  • The compliance ramifications of keeping paper board books
  • How switching can transform your board meetings from operational to strategic work sessions


A Statement from Your NAPAHE Board of Directors

The leadership of the National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education stands with those who believe that equal justice under the law is not a theory, but a fundamental human right which no just government may abrogate. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, to name but a recent few in the ever-growing list of Black victims of systemic racism, represent the failure to secure this fundamental human right.

The point at which we find ourselves today is an indictment not just of society in general, but a particular condemnation of the American system of higher education, to which the members of this Association have dedicated their professional lives. We believe Nelson Mandela was correct when in 2013 he said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Insofar as inequity and systems of oppression in the United States and elsewhere have been and continue to be sustained by ignorance, we must acknowledge a failure on the part of those of us whose calling is education.

Although we cannot assume responsibility for the entirety of this failure, neither can we abdicate our accountability to confront those facets of this failure over which our purview, essential to the good order of our respective institutions, gives us the privilege of influence.

As NAPAHE has long exhorted its members to "lead from where you are," let us now encourage and inspire one another to be leaders in facilitating higher education's redress of its past complicities in sustaining systems of injustice and inequality.


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of Presidential Assistants
in Higher Education

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