Kim H. Durr

8117575171 kim durrAh, NAPAHE, where do I begin? It has been my privilege to be associated with the organization for nine years and I can safely say it has been one of the best professional development moves of my life. From the listserv topics which have, on more than one occasion, offered me timely options and ideas for tackling projects just then assigned by my boss, to the networking opportunities that have yielded friendships…and a lot of laughter. But the best part has been the chance to hone leadership skills alongside colleagues I respect for their dedication, persistence, creativity and determination to “get it right.”

And if that’s not enough, each year NAPAHE offers a smorgasbord of excellent conference topics for members’ growth and there are multiple ways to get involved – which is definitely the best way to make the most of the organization. I initially held back from volunteering (introvert that I am), but since jumping in with both feet, I’ve enriched my conference experience tenfold, not to mention been offered chances to stretch (with initial terror at times, yes) and enhance my personal and professional abilities. Skills such as organization, communication, public speaking, triage – all PA mainstays – have been called into play. And while I still get nervous, I now have a fully equipped PA tool belt and colleagues I can contact for trusted advice. With a NAPAHE membership well over 600 strong, THAT is a resource.

Kim H. Durr - Chief of Staff
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, Illinois


National Association
of Presidential Assistants
in Higher Education

PO Box 10390
Conway, AR 72034

Brittny Daubenheyer,
NAPAHE Executive Director Phone 479-857-0871
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